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Make The Smart Move To Protect Your Rights As A Consumer in DFW

It can be a tough world for consumers. With so many businesses large and small marketing a wide range of products, it can seem impossible to know who’s legitimate and who’s looking to take advantage of an unwary buyer.

Laws exist to protect consumers from deceptive or outright fraudulent sales practices, but it takes an experienced business law attorney to spot illegal behavior and help consumers pursue legal relief to make things right. In the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex, consumers have an aggressive and experienced legal ally in the attorneys at J.D. Milks, PLLC. At our firm, we believe that when businesses try to game the system and rip off consumers, they should be held accountable. We take on businesses of all sizes so that whenever our clients are victims of a scam, they aren’t left to pay the price — literally.

It’s one thing to suspect that you may not have gotten the best deal on a large purchase like a car, boat or even house. It’s another to be left with the feeling that you were the victim of a scam designed to cover up serious issues with your new property.

Auto Dealer Fraud And Real Estate Scams

In Texas, laws like the Deceptive Trade Practices Act exist to protect consumers from cover-ups, deceptive marketing and omissions of critical information. This can apply in a wide range of situations, including:

  • Car dealerships that roll back odometers in order to sell a car as being less-used than it really is
  • Sellers of real estate failing to disclose defects in the property, such as flood damage, electrical wear or foundation damage
  • RV or boat dealerships who attempt to hide vehicle damage

If you’ve been the victim of legitimate consumer fraud, our auto dealer fraud attorneys may be able to help you recover your financial losses and help send a clear message that businesses cannot get away with trying to take advantage of consumers.

Learn When You May Have A DTP Case

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