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Whistleblower Protection Lawyers

If you have been terminated from your job or seriously retaliated against in some other way for reporting illegal activity, you may have strong recourse under applicable laws. As a Texas state government employee, you must file a grievance and complete other specific administrative procedures. A different course of action may apply for federal employees, and private-sector employees must typically file a charge with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and secure the right to sue.

Experienced With Public Employee Grievances And Whistleblower Lawsuits In North Texas

At J.D. Milks, PLLC, you can work closely and directly with lawyers who know the statutes that protect whistleblowers extremely well. Emphasizing thorough upfront case evaluation and rigorous preparation, we handle retaliatory discharge claims and related actions for Texas workers who have been treated wrongly for doing the right thing.

Our Dallas based whistleblower protection attorneys are prepared to hear you out on what happened, investigate as needed and provide clear counsel on your rights. Important considerations include:

  • The nature of the activity you reported, such as fraud, misuse of government equipment or other property, workplace discrimination, or some other criminal or civil wrong
  • Whether you reported this activity to an agency, the police or some other authority with the power to provide enforcement — which is essential for non-government employees who wish to take action under whistleblower laws
  • The specific action that your employer has taken against you

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Workers who learn about corruption, exploitation or crimes in the workplace have an obligation to do something about it. Many raise questions or complain internally and get no results. Some are fired, disciplined or threatened with the intent of silencing them. For a free telephone consultation to discuss your rights and options in any such situation, please call (817) 659-1133 or send us an email.