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Sexual Harassment Attorneys

Sexual harassment takes many forms. Unfortunately, it can occur in virtually any workplace, including Texas state government offices and other public agencies. Victims not only suffer severe emotional pain and distress; many endure this reprehensible treatment because of very real fears that they will be fired or disciplined for reporting it.

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At J.D. Milks, PLLC, we know the federal and state laws in place to protect you if you have been sexually harassed, assaulted or exploited at work. Our sexual harassment lawyers have advised numerous clients who were considering filing grievances and complaints, as well as taking action for those who have been wrongfully terminated for reporting this or other illegal activity.

Hostile Work Environments · Threats Of Retaliation And Termination

An attorney at our firm will treat you with sensitivity, empathy and respect. As experienced employment litigators, we are up to the challenge of recovering and presenting evidence that supports your claims — often in the form of emails, text messages and witness testimony. You can turn to our legal team with confidence as a victim of, for example:

  • Unwelcome physical contact and sexual advances
  • Requests and pressure to provide sexual favors or engage in a relationship, which often takes the form of quid pro quo harassment (“this for that”)
  • Subjection to a hostile work environment where lewd comments and behavior are tolerated
  • An unlawful firing or other type of retaliation because you reported sexual harassment in accordance with your company’s or agency’s personnel policies

You deserve fair and equal treatment at work. That includes being allowed to perform your job without having to tolerate sexual harassment in any form. Every decision you make could be pivotal in your quest for justice, and we want to help you follow the right procedures to protect your claim.

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