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Are you or a family member thinking about retirement years and want to make the most of all available services to ensure your financial assets last as long as possible? Important elder law questions need to be asked. Can you afford the medical care needed? What about your spouse? Will you move into a nursing home, or will you live at home? What benefits are available? Do we have enough financial resources to provide for my spouse or my care? We know that these are major questions that can sometimes be challenging  both financially and emotionally. What are the best decisions for you? The elder law attorney at the Law Offices of J.D. Milks, PLLC can help you navigate through these important questions and decisions.

Our Arlington-based elder law attorney, J. D. Milks has more than seven years of invaluable experience in case evaluation, advising, and administering all aspects of elder law matters. This includes an extensive track record of protecting assets and asserting the rights of the elderly.

Turn To An Experienced Medicaid Planning Attorney

Medicaid planning is considered the one of the most complicated aspects of elder law, More and more Texans are becoming concerned with long term care when they are elderly and whether or not they will need to live in a nursing home. Living in a nursing home can be expensive. Medicaid benefits can assist with the cost of living in a nursing home. However, there are many rules on qualifying for Medicaid benefits for nursing home. There are also many rules that could exclude you from qualifying for Medicaid benefits for living in a nursing home. Income and assets are two factors that can qualify you for or exclude you from receiving Medicaid benefits.  Because of the many rules and regulations for Medicaid benefits it is vital to find an experienced elder law attorney well in advance of the need to move  into an assisted living environment.  Call our Arlington, Texas office to discuss your circumstances and how you might best plan for Medicaid.

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If you are concerned about whether or not Medicaid could benefit you or a loved one call an experienced elder law attorney like, J. D. Milks at (817) 659-1133 to schedule an appointment for a consultation.