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In Texas, noncustodial parents have the right to a “standard possession order” determines visitation schedules. Texas visitation laws state when the parent shall spend time with the child. Parents often refer to this time as visitation. Because ensuring your right to spend time with your kids is so important, it is essential that you have a legal representation by an attorney well-versed in child custody and visitation law who can help you make the most of your visitation rights.

Parental Rights

Texas visitation laws describes designated times under which a noncustodial parent can see his or her children apart from the custodial parent. Texas courts set a schedule for the noncustodial parent’s periods of possession that the court deems to be in the best interests of the child.

Visitation plans can be changed, and they frequently are if evidence is provided to show that a parent cannot act in the child’s best interest.

An unmarried biological father must establish paternity in order to have parental rights in Texas. If an unmarried father does not register with the Texas registry of paternity within 31 days of the child’s birth, he could lose his parental rights permanently if the baby is adopted.

Mansfield, TX Visitation Attorney

In some situations, a parent may be unfit to share custody of a child or to have unsupervised visits. Courts make this decision based on a history of violence, drug or alcohol abuse, or any pattern of neglect. We can assist you in creating the legal protections you need to keep your children in a safe environment.

If you face false accusations of violence or substance abuse, the Arlington child visitation lawyers at J.D. Milks, PLLC, in Arlington, Texas, will fight to clarify the situation and protect your parental visitation rights.

Often, a noncustodial parent who lives in a distant city or out of state can obtain extra time with a child during summer months to make up for the time he or she is not able to spend with the child during the school year.

If changes occur in either parent’s situation that require a change to a court-ordered custody or visitation plan, we can assist you in obtaining a parental visitation or child custody modification. This includes relocation for job purposes or if a parent’s living situation becomes unsafe due to alcohol or drug abuse, sexual abuse or violence.

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