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Agreed Divorce

Perhaps you just want to get “unmarried” as quickly as possible. Perhaps you don’t have many assets to fight over. The movement toward agreed divorce (uncontested divorce) is gaining, and many couples are doing it without an attorney.

However, trying to save money on legal fees can backfire in a big way. One mistake or one omission in a do-it-yourself divorce can cost you thousands of dollars more than if you just consulted a lawyer in the first place.

The divorce attorneys of J.D. Milks, PLLC, can draft or review your uncontested divorce settlement. Our Arlington, Texas, law firm has helped many couples in the Mid-Cities area and surrounding communities of Tarrant, Dallas and Johnson counties achieve a cost-effective, out-of-court agreed divorce while protecting their interests.

Are You Really Agreed? Have You Really Covered The Bases?

The Texas Supreme Court has approved forms that make it simpler for people to represent themselves in family law court. But going down the road to agreed divorce is not always happy trails:

  • It may come back to haunt you. Any error or blank on the forms can lead to later conflicts, such as joint title to assets or liability for the spouse’s debts or defaults.
  • It may cost you later. For instance, a name change during divorce is fairly simple, but once the dissolution is finalized, you must initiate a separate legal process.
  • You may have unresolved disputes. Many couples soon realize they have not thought of everything or get cold feet when they see the terms of the agreement in print. Having an experienced attorney draw up the papers or look over your tentative agreement may settle minor disputes and keep you out of court.
  • You may be giving away the farm. In the rush to get divorced, many people unknowingly give up their community interest in significant assets, such as a spouse’s pension or 401(k). What are you signing away?

Mid-Cities And Mansfield, TX Marriage Dissolution Lawyers

Our attorneys are well-versed in all issues of Texas divorce and family law. While we steer clients away from unnecessary litigation, we do not recommend getting divorced without any legal counsel at all.

We take the lead, helping couples address all the pertinent issues regarding division of property and debts and the details of child custody, parenting plans and child support. We also point out things you may not have thought of, from continuation of health insurance to beneficiary designations. Once you truly agree on everything, we can draw up the paperwork and submit it to the court the right way.

Once a dissolution of marriage is done, you can’t go back, so it is critical to do it right the first time. If you are seeking an agreed divorce lawyer in Arlington or surrounding communities for a simple divorce, call (817) 659-1133 or email us to schedule a free consultation.