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Paternity And Parental Rights

A DNA test will quickly settle the genetic yes-or-no of fatherhood. But paternity cases can be complicated or adversarial when time has passed or when the parents clash over child custody or support.

The Arlington law firm of J.D. Milks, PLLC, regularly represents unmarried parents in paternity rights actions. We have helped mothers obtain child support or limit the father’s involvement and we have helped fathers establish their parental rights. We have also helped men disprove paternity claims or maintain a parental bond if it turns out they are not the biological dad.

Serving the Arlington, TX, and the Mid-Cities area, we handle paternity and all related matters of family law in the family courts of Tarrant, Dallas and Johnson counties.

Arlington Lawyers For Parental Rights And Paternity Law

We handle all paternity-related scenarios:

  • A mother seeking child support, including retroactive support
  • A mother resisting shared custody or visitation for good reason
  • A father seeking to establish custody and parenting time
  • A father who is denied visitation with his child
  • A reputed father wanting to prove otherwise

Shared parenting can be tricky, especially if the parents do not know each other well. If the father has not been involved, the courts will commonly phase in parenting time, starting with supervised visitation. We help clients work out the terms of joint custody or assert legitimate grounds for denying or restricting access.

Paternity By Estoppel · Fathers’ Rights When The DNA Says Otherwise

The Texas courts do not define parenthood strictly by genetics. If a man has been treated as the dad but later discovers he is not the biological father, the mother cannot simply cut him out of the picture. Even if the man is not listed on the birth certificate, he can petition the court for paternity by estoppel to argue that his parental role should be recognized and continued. Our parental rights trial attorneys are prepared to fight for you and the child you have loved and cared for.

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