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OilField Accident Attorney

The oil industry has been one of the biggest drivers of Texas’ booming economy. As an oil worker, you’re on the front lines of this important part of the state’s economy.

For the hard work you do, you deserve full and fair compensation when a company’s negligent actions leave you physically injured and financially suffering. It takes only a moment for an equipment malfunction or a negligent subcontractor to change the lives of workers and their families for years to come. At J.D. Milks, our workplace accident attorneys are committed to making sure that if you’ve been the innocent victim of negligence on the oil field, you don’t pay the price.

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If A Third Party Is To Blame For Your Injuries, You May Have Options

You may already be receiving workers’ compensation payments following your oil field accident. If that’s the case, you may already be learning that it’s nearly impossible for workers’ comp to fully compensate you for the full scope of your injuries and how they’ve affected your life.

In certain cases, it may be possible to seek additional compensation through the civil litigation process. When a party other than your employer — for example, an equipment manufacturer or oil transporter — acts negligently, third-party negligence claims can be used to seek compensation for things like medical costs, reduced earning capacity and even pain and suffering.

Our attorneys offer decades of combined experience handling all types of personal injury claims in Texas. As skilled negotiators and aggressive litigators, they take on each case our firm handles committed to one goal: getting you the compensation you’re due for your injuries. We don’t settle for less.

Oilfield Injury Lawyer

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