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Wrongful Termination Attorney

Were you fired illegally from your position as a Texas state government agency employee? Was employment discrimination or retaliation for “blowing the whistle” on your employer the real reason for your termination from a private-sector job?

You may have the right to take action under applicable employment laws, including filing a lawsuit to seek financial compensation, reinstatement or other remedies. The only dependable way to find out is to tell your story to a qualified employment lawyer. At J.D. Milks, PLLC, we will hear you out and offer clear guidance based on decades of experience.

Government Employee Representation

Discrimination And Whistleblower Lawsuits

Public agency employees in Texas may have protections that differ from those of other workers, and the procedures they must follow after a wrongful termination are highly specific and time-sensitive. If you work for a company rather than an agency, it is essential to understand that Texas is an employment-at-will state, which gives employers broad discretion to fire workers with or without specific cause.

Few people who lose their jobs believe they were treated fairly. Whether you have a wrongful termination claim worth pursuing depends on many factors. Our wrongful termination attorney has the knowledge and proven capabilities cover

  • Providing counsel and representation throughout the process of filing a grievance and pursuing resolution through administrative hearings for wrongfully terminated government employees
  • Thoroughly assessing the facts and applicable laws if you were fired in violation of an employment contract, your employer violated its own personnel policies, you have recourse under whistleblower protection statutes, or under certain other circumstances
  • Obtaining the right to sue and skillfully pursuing litigation of valid claims of employment discrimination in federal court when necessary

Turn To Experienced Texas Employment Lawyers Who Will Prioritize Your Case

We have succeeded in helping many clients obtain resolution of complex employment law disputes through mediation. However, it may prove critical to have a lawyer and firm equipped to take your case the distance in state or federal court.

If you are preparing to file a grievance or complaint against your employer, please get the counsel you need for the best chance of success. Call (817) 659-1133 or email our law firm today to request a free telephone consultation.