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Products Liability Attorneys

Whether it was a product you knew had some risk of injury, or an everyday household object you never expected to fail you, you’re likely left with the same basic question: Do I have any legal options to hold the manufacturer accountable for my injuries?

At J.D. Milks, our Texas personal injury lawyers are experienced in handling claims involving defective products for people throughout the Metroplex. These cases involve aggressive negotiation and litigation skills as well as access to technical and scientific expertise — the kind of access that only a firm that handles complex personal injury claims can have. We combine this experience with personalized attention to every client we represent and a dedication to getting full compensation in every case we take on.

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If A Product Caused You Serious Injury, You May Have A Case

Many people assume that just because a consumer product has known dangers, or even has extensive labeling warning of the dangers of misuse, that it is impossible to hold manufacturers accountable when their products do cause injuries. That isn’t always the case.

There are several situations in which manufacturers, marketers and even sellers may be liable for injuries that products cause. These include cases where:

  • There is a failure to warn of known dangers that could cause injury.
  • A product has a defective design that leads to an inherit risk of harm.
  • A product is manufactured defectively resulting in danger of injury.
  • Products are damaged during shipping resulting in risk of harm.

Call an Attorney Experienced With Defective Products

If you suspect that any of these situations were present in your case, it is important to speak with an experienced products liability attorney as soon as possible. Compensation for medical costs, pain and suffering, and lost income may be on the line. Our firm handles personal injury claims throughout the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex; to discuss your legal options with our experienced legal team, email us now or call our office at (817) 659-1133.