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Verdicts And Settlements


The following are examples of the types of cases we have tried to a jury verdict or settled:

  • Murder case where wife luredhusband to  estranged remote location and shot and killed him
  • Civil arson case in which insurance carrier denied coverage claiming insured caused the casualty loss.
  • Numerous State and Federal Civil Rights Cases against individual state actors due to negligence of state employees responsible for children in state care.
  • Drowning at water park
  • Civil negligence lawsuit against international soft drink manufacturer when bottle filler exploded causing catastrophic injuries to employee
  • Civil negligence case against national construction company for failure to use OSHA required safety harness and worker fell, broke neck and became quadriplegic
  • Transplant surgeon’s bladder nerves accidentally severed when he underwent surgery, resulting in permanent incontinence
  • Social workers placed 5 year-old girl into foster care of a man they knew was a convicted sex offender who then raped her over several years
  • Catastrophic injuries to student caused by e-coli outbreak/ food poisoning at a university
  • Electrocution of apartment maintenance man while working on air conditioning unit without training or certification
  • Bar continued serving alcohol to intoxicated person who then caused fatal motor vehicle collision
  • Hospital accidentally infected patient with hepatitis C virus
  • Factory worker severely injured at worksite explosion of drill fracturing device
  • Factory worker’s leg amputated by machine that had no kill switch
  • Civil negligence case against child placing agency where foster child catastrophically injured by foster father
  • Catastrophic injuries to construction worker in elevator shaft accident
  • CPS case where mother put children on busy roadway
  • Dram Shop case at bar where intoxicated patron shot and killed another patron
  • Declaratory judgment action against personal injury lawyer who made attorney fees claim against Texas exoneree
  • Family law case where exoneree’s former wife making lost wage claim against exoneree recovery under Time Cole Act
  • Family law case where Texas Agency wrongfully removed three children from adoptive home one day before adoption was to be consummated
  • Wrongful death case where child left in van at day care center and died; day care worker tried to cover up death
  • Catastrophic injuries to motorcyclist caused by lack of signs warning that traffic lane ended and curb across lane
  • Life insurance company forged changes in decedent’s original application for insurance in order to fraudulently deny coverage
  • Numerous suits against homeowners/auto/life insurance companies for wrongful denial of claims
  • Numerous tractor-trailer and auto collisions
  • Numerous Family Law and Adoption Cases
  • Numerous Family Law cases when appointed guardian and attorney ad litem for children
  • Numerous Criminal Law Cases including both felonies and misdemeanors