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Child Protective Services Cases

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Protect Your Rights And The Children In Your Life

No one wants to see Child Protective Services (CPS) get involved in any child custody case. While everyone involved may have very strong feelings about his or her rights, all sides can agree that it is important to protect the children involved and make sure they are taken care of during any family dispute.

Our experienced family law attorneys know that while any child custody case must be approached carefully, our clients cannot afford anything less than assertive legal counsel to protect their rights as caregivers. We take pride in helping our Texas clients navigate this most challenging area of family law so that they can act in the best interests of the children they care about.

Whether you’re trying to establish parental rights or fighting to protect them, you need an experienced lawyer by your side. Call our office now at (817) 659-1133 for a confidential consultation.

Our firm has successfully represented numerous parties in CPS cases, including:

  • Biological parents
  • Grandparents
  • Stepparents
  • Other relatives
  • Foster parents

We understand that few cases in the area of family law are as contentious or high-stakes as those involving accusations that parents are unfit to provide for their children. In every case we handle, we balance zealous advocacy of our clients’ position with a commitment to ensuring the well-being of all children involved in family disputes.

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